Wakayama・by Kamitonda Town

We love the “Tonda River” with rushing clean water.


Creation of attractive town

●Lively ambience through sports
 >>Attracting professional sports teams
 >>Kamitonda Sports Center
 >> Kishu-Kuchikumano marathon  
 >>SEACA activities

Education for the global age

A variety of culture and art
 >>Kamitonda Cultural Hall
 >> Lifelong learning

Troves of legend and folklore

Part 1: Walking along the Kumano Kodo

Part 2: Tracing back the legend and folklore
 >>Sukumadani Deity of Mercy
 >>Ryusho Mount Castle Ruin
 >>Tomb of Sanbei the Righteous
 >>Monument of Hikogoro

Prides of the town

Industrial promotion
 >>Agriculture Trade and manufacture
 >>Attraction of enterprises

Security and safety
 >> Disaster prevention
  Emergency measures
  Crime prevention

 >>Welfare  Health
 >>Kamitonda calisthenics

Environment of the town

Sewage disposal facilities ● Environmental and beautification campaigns

History of the town

Footprints for 50 years

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary
 >>Mr. Atsushi Kojima
 >>Ms. Fuyumi Sakamoto
 >>Mr. Toshio Wakita

Seasonal changes of the town

Seasonal traditions and events
Map of the town

Map with illustrations
Town assembly and administration

Town assembly and administration
Town emblem 
Tree of the town
Flower of the town 
Charter of the town